In order to stay within budget when looking for painters in Vancouver, homeowners must consider a couple of variables. Firstly, making sure the paint colour you choose for your home is similar to the existing one. Secondly, the prep work done on your home or apartment will be key in saving you money.

6 Steps to find a budget painter in Vancouver

  1. Fill your own pin holes in walls and ceilings
  2. Remove all fixtures and light switch plates
  3. Move furniture away from the walls
  4. Clean up clutter as much as possible
  5. Choose a quality paint that doesn’t break the bank
  6. choose a paint colour that matches closely with what you have

Residential and commercial clients that follow these 6 steps will find it much easier to get a budget painting quote from a contractor.

Why the colour matters so much?

Can you get away with one coat of paint in your home? This is the biggest factor in determining if you can find budget painters in Vancouver. The second coat can make up 25% of the painting job. Picking a colour that matches closely with what you already have will make it that much easier to get coverage in 1 coat making it cheaper overall.

Other budget painting ideas

Other parts of your home ad quite a bit to your painting quote. If your trim and doors are looking fresh then why bother painting them? Leaving these off the quote can really help to reduce the cost of painting your homes interior or exterior.

Prepwork for budget painters vancouver

Budget painters Vancouver? Be Careful what you wish for

Finding a budget painter is a great idea but it is good to keep longevity in mind. Of course, the weather in Vancouver plays a huge factor in the type of painting contractor you want to hire. Prep work is essential in a wet climate like Vancouver and the lower mainland experiences. You don’t want paint to be pealing off your home shortly after the job is completed. Make sure that you balance your budget with the pros of a quality professional painter.

Ready for an instant budget painting quote?

With our easy to use instant price calculator you can get a budget painting quote right now. All you need is your floor plan square footage and your painting wish list.

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