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Starting at $1 (per square foot) we measure out the interior painting space based on your floor plan. Above all, It is important when painting walls that two coats are applied. Additionally we fix holes and watch out for drips!


Starting at $0.35 (per linear foot) we pace the length of baseboards and crown moulding. Usually, a semi gloss paint is usually recommended for interior homes.


Flat doors, decorative doors, closet doors, front doors all types of doors! Starting at $75 (frame included)


Starting at $1 (per square foot) ceilings require the most prep work. Of course, drips do happen so we protect your floors and furniture with drop sheets. Spraying is our go to for popcorn ceilings.

New Construction

We work with new construction, property managers and real estate companies. A great paint job adds instant value to a home or condo. Equally important, is the protection paint provides.


Need to brighten up your retail space with a fresh coat of white paint? Have a restaurant in need of a moody candle lit colour palette? Let us help!

Interior Painting, best in Vancouver?

  • We absolutely love interior painting. For the most part, our company focuses on interior painting jobs. Detail Painting Vancouver has just one goal in mind. Above all, we promise the highest attention to detail.
  • Vibrant and durable latex paint that always covers extremely well after two full coats.
  • Steady hands for those razor sharp cut lines.
  • Drop sheets and masking tape to protect areas in your home we don’t want painted. 
  • Constant communication with our clients to ensure paint jobs go smoothly from start to finish

To Tape or not to tape?

When cutting in paint where walls meet ceilings and trim, straight lines are, of course, the most important part. Basically we have to train our painters in having a strong eye for clean edges. Of course, a steady hand is a must for our painters to cut in those edges. Tape might seem like a good idea to get straight lines but it has many downfalls. 

  1. Takes too much time
  2. Can leak and dry before you know it
  3. Tears off fresh paint


Interior Painting

As you can see from our process video, we always maintain a high attention to detail. Our first priority for any interior painting company should be protecting the surfaces and valuables in your home. Secondly, we use the right paint products that work with your interior walls and trim. In the end you can be sure that our Vancouver painters will work with you to create the interior paint job of your dreams.

How big is your interior painting space?

To start, you will need to have an estimate of the approximate square footage for each room in your space. Additionally, you can click here to read about square footage. Generally it is easy to pace out each room for an approximate measurement. Secondly, you will need to decide what trim painting you would like done. Of course, we also paint doors and frames. Therefore, you will need to count those up too. Lastly, choose a date and time for us to come drop off a free, no obligation proposal. After that, you can sit back, relax and let us handle your interior painting.

Once you get your instant quote we can start the proposal and contract. Next, we can pick colours and set a job date. Finally, you can enjoy your newly painted rooms! To Learn more about painting quotes and how to prepare (click here).

Drywall repair can range from both small pinholes and chips all the way up to black mold. Our Vancouver interior painters will walk through your space and determine the necessary prep work. Ideally, the prep work will determine the outcome of the paint job. As a result, the more thorough we are when filling and sanding the smoother you can expect the paint to look.

Water Damage and mold?

We also provide full sections of drywall replacement due to water damage. Our handymen will cut out any rotten or moldy pieces of drywall. In the end, these damaged pieces need to go if we want a paint job that lasts. 

Baseboards and crown moulding bring an elegant look to your homes interior space. Whether you have a new renovation, home construction or commercial property we can help install your trim. Choose from our stained wood, factory white and custom colour options.  To sum up, our employees at Detail Paint are equipped with the tools and knowledge to get the job done right. Call us for a free in home estimate.

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In addition to your homes brand new interior painting job, you may want to update some other things too. Firstly, Light switches and outlet plates are cheap and can be fit into any budget. Secondly, installing new light fixtures will massively brighten up your space and make it more modern.

Interior Painting Company or Home Builders?

Lastly, our handy painters can install any artwork or tv’s that need to be mounted to the wall. We pride ourselves in offering more than just interior painting services in Vancouver. Above all, We want to help make your house a home!

At Detail Paint we have many options for hardwood sanding and staining. If your looking to restore a heritage property you’ll know that a proper stain can bring a vintage floor to life. We have been in the industry for years and have some preferred contractors if you’re looking for carpet, tile or vinyl installations. Together with Detail Paint, we can make your space stand out!

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Interior Painting + Window Coverings

Without a doubt, after a fresh interior painting nothing looks worse than old shabby and bent blinds. Our in house partners are in the business of customizing any fabric into your new curtains or drapes. Just let us take measurements, pick your style of curtain rod and let us handle the sewing and installation. On the whole, new curtains really bring out your personal style. 

drapery and blinds

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